Desert Wedding

” Meet me in the Desert “

Our friends Ali and David asked us to join them in celebrating their wedding.

Ali and her family have been tight with our family and the sense of community that Tower Lakes has is exceptionally rare. When you feel this kind of tightness you know you’ve got a friend wherever you go.

Where: La Quinta: 95 degrees, at the base of the mountain range


  • Ali says “I do” before the vows
  • Live acoustic music
  • The Father of the Bride who orchestrated “You’ve got a Friend” so that by the end all of the guests were singing along. I’ve never seen anything like it.
  • Ali’s smile
  • David’s enthusiasm and pride in this ten year journey to marriage

Styling Me:

The heat calls for a dress that will allow max ventilation. I am playing with textures and drape here by pairing a light airy dress with a bold heel. This tulip wrap is so fun and flirty with the cold shoulder and allows the heels to really shine.


Dress: Reformation, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Keeping cool: I went to the Ceremony with wet hair to keep cool and let the desert rays dry my hair naturally.

Styling Tip: Burgundy is an excellent accent color. In this outfit I am pairing the same shade with this heel to bring in a deep, bold color that works to compliment the Strawberry dress.

This works for every pastel and will be a major influence in my styling for Fall.

Styling Jamie:

Grey and blue make the perfect partnership in this suit. I love the way the buttons create a modern, unique look.

Jamie has had this tie since I met him three and a half years ago. It’s tired but meaningful and happened to bring our looks together. His jacket is half lined specifically for warm weather and his suit is light weight fabric, exceptional for 365 d/year.


Suit: Loro Piana – Knot Standard

Custom Suiting with Knot Standard

I am the Regional Director of Knot Standard, the fasting-growing menswear brand in the country (according to Inc Magazine). After completing my masters in Palo Alto, I joined Knot Standard to lead their efforts on the west coast.

Knot Standard is proud to have launched the first ever custom Virtual Reality tool, making it even easier to provide ideas inspiration prior to your appointments.

Take a look at the navy blue window pane suit I designed with a client earlier today:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.49.51 PM.png


Cultivating wellness can be daunting at times. I have a cabinet full of supplements, a head full of nutrition facts and an awareness that making time for my loved ones will cultivate healthy relationships. Today I am reminded that my greatest tool for wellness lies within me, and is as simple as breathing in and out. 


Breath has immediate effects on brain chemistry and stress levels. Just google breath and the brain and see for yourself


Set an intention to notice your breathing today. And breathe, breathe, breathe


At 3:45 I climb down the stairwell to the Alzheimer unit. I unlock the heavy door, to enter a world of altered consciousness. A world where time stretches and ebbs forward, where lost boys live, where women are mourning injustices.

As I walk down the hall I greet the usual explorers, pacing their way through this strange world. How did I get here?

 I wonder where they are.

He meets my eye. His screaming out for help. Our gaze locks and I prepare to do what I am here to do.

He fires off in Mandarin, showing me a piece of paper listing his morning meal. At the bottom there is his name. He points to it and repeats it. And again.

I maintain our gaze, softening my eyes, inviting him to find peace there. I ask him to tell me what is wrong, but in order to understand he will have to speak in English. He takes a deep breath, stammering, “I Have Forgotten Everything” he manages.

My heart trips over itself and I have to grasp for that calming gaze. Tears threaten to push through and I fear they will tell him: You should be scared.

We share a moment of silence. “I know you are afraid. I am here to help you.” I believe it. This phrase means little if you don’t believe it. In a world of lost boys and girls I believe there is hope for enjoyment.

It is heartbreaking to sit with anyone affected by dementia. Especially in those moments that they realize that something is terribly wrong.

A name. A fleeting recognition of a past life.

A revelation that you have been forgotten.

It is terrifying. As a caregiver, part of my work is to remember this person. To memorialize a spirit is the height of ritual. This collective ritual enables us all to live on in each others memory.

For The Story

“My favorite part about jewelry is the story behind it.” When Bri Turkel shared this with me over wine and a breathtaking San Francisco view, I knew the two of us would be collaborating on a darlingd.ear piece sooner than later. “There are so many pieces of jewelry I wear that belonged to my grandmother. I think about passing it on.” Bri’s reflections on her family heirlooms had me musing.

When I first started designing jewelry, I had two very significant muses: The Southwest and the ocean. But, I soon realized that my pieces dont wear themselves. The warm bodies that take a piece from beauty to story are what darlingd.ear is all about.

It is for this reason that I adore custom work.

Knowing why a woman wears jewelry and what it means to her is paramount.

Here is Bri’s darlingd.ear wrap, start to finish:





As we said our goodbyes, Bri said something special, “The experience of having you choose materials with me, noticing all the small details that go into the wrap I now wear, it’s like fate.”

That’s right. That wrap was meant for you Bri.

….and she does one helluva job rocking it.