I often wonder about the complexities of human interaction…the fact that there are 100,000 words in the English language, 5,000 of those have double meaning. There is an estimated 750,000 symbols within body language. Research out of UCLA suggests that only 7% of our communication comes from the words that we say. Body language accounts for 38%, and the remaining 55% belongs to tone.

What we connect with most is in tone, the way it comes though a warm body. This is presence.

I hear people talking about this all the time. “That woman has presence.” Or, “That man really knows how to get attention in a room.” I see it in my friends. The ones who turn heads, who make people think deeply. Presence is tied to connection, and I believe that connections – and community – are tied to success.

It takes years and years, and important life moments, and hard changes, to really get down to the core of who you are. In our younger years we are anxiously unsure of our bodies, our minds, our emotions- for good reason.

It is our adult responsibility to give ourselves those life moments, those deep relationships, those moments of regret, those heartbreaking loses. In these moments we will meet ourselves, in knowing that person we will become sure of what we want.

I know what I want.

It is my mission to provide quality care to the people I encounter every day…To use my voice. To listen deeply. The pursuit of this is my definition of success.


One thought on “Success

  1. Wonderful piece on voice. I love the statistics on body language and tone. I guess it is okay then that sometimes it seems no one is listening when we speak because they are actually hearing your body language and tone. Thank you

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