Ally Falls in Love at the Fillmore

Dancing in the lights

geography on the brain,


a slight smile catches hold of a lovely heart.

Awkward exchanges and wistful regrets pen a nice note

on a



They are pretty bright

I stretch my fingers

to meet the cascade of

purple fog.


Round, wetness

hits the surface of my skin and scatters.


Stepping onto this dry ground with very clear intentions, I wipe my brow,

and welcome the rage.


Missing the point, you will only begin to realize

what this means

many days from now.

I am too busy dancing to feel sorry for you.

They are giving it away

If I ever did decide that I could work for virtually no money, while shooting myself into our diseased and beautiful psychoscope, I would have a license that says I am fit to offer you sound psychological advice.


Thing is, I don’t want to work for free, 

but I will say this:

If I could prescribe anything, anything it’s this.

Listen closely.

Food grown with love.

Music to dance to.

Your favorite people. 



rain//shine and sunny//fog

I am my happiest 

when I get to

spend some quiet moments with the people I love.

In the sun,

    perhaps some wine…… and perhaps some gentlemen will grab me with a transfixed gaze and exclaim, “You have beautiful eyes!…….aand decent bangs.”

                                And I will fall in love with San Francisco indefinitely. 

Buried Treasure

It’s a week until we head into the desert for what is– undoubtably my favorite weekend of the year.

Most of my excitement lies way deep into that lineup, which is the way I like it.

Sure, it’s going to be great to see Phoenix, Postal Service, and Modest Mouse….but these are the artists I am reaaally swooning over:

Jessie Ware
Alt J
Alex Clare
Father John Misty
Wild Belle
Dog Blood
Four Tet
Bingo Players
Local Natives
Youth Lagoon
Eric Prydz
Pretty Lights
Knife Party
Wild Nothing

Happy Coachella!