For The Story

“My favorite part about jewelry is the story behind it.” When Bri Turkel shared this with me over wine and a breathtaking San Francisco view, I knew the two of us would be collaborating on a darlingd.ear piece sooner than later. “There are so many pieces of jewelry I wear that belonged to my grandmother. I think about passing it on.” Bri’s reflections on her family heirlooms had me musing.

When I first started designing jewelry, I had two very significant muses: The Southwest and the ocean. But, I soon realized that my pieces dont wear themselves. The warm bodies that take a piece from beauty to story are what darlingd.ear is all about.

It is for this reason that I adore custom work.

Knowing why a woman wears jewelry and what it means to her is paramount.

Here is Bri’s darlingd.ear wrap, start to finish:





As we said our goodbyes, Bri said something special, “The experience of having you choose materials with me, noticing all the small details that go into the wrap I now wear, it’s like fate.”

That’s right. That wrap was meant for you Bri.

….and she does one helluva job rocking it.


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