Street Wear Chic

Today I feel like I am wearing a warm hug and I know it’s going to be a good day.

Mixing street wear and silk is killer this season in San Francisco. Make that silk a bold pattern and don’t be afraid to mix patterns!


Desert Wedding

” Meet me in the Desert “

Our friends Ali and David asked us to join them in celebrating their wedding.

Ali and her family have been tight with our family and the sense of community that Tower Lakes has is exceptionally rare. When you feel this kind of tightness you know you’ve got a friend wherever you go.

Where: La Quinta: 95 degrees, at the base of the mountain range


  • Ali says “I do” before the vows
  • Live acoustic music
  • The Father of the Bride who orchestrated “You’ve got a Friend” so that by the end all of the guests were singing along. I’ve never seen anything like it.
  • Ali’s smile
  • David’s enthusiasm and pride in this ten year journey to marriage

Styling Me:

The heat calls for a dress that will allow max ventilation. I am playing with textures and drape here by pairing a light airy dress with a bold heel. This tulip wrap is so fun and flirty with the cold shoulder and allows the heels to really shine.


Dress: Reformation, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Keeping cool: I went to the Ceremony with wet hair to keep cool and let the desert rays dry my hair naturally.

Styling Tip: Burgundy is an excellent accent color. In this outfit I am pairing the same shade with this heel to bring in a deep, bold color that works to compliment the Strawberry dress.

This works for every pastel and will be a major influence in my styling for Fall.

Styling Jamie:

Grey and blue make the perfect partnership in this suit. I love the way the buttons create a modern, unique look.

Jamie has had this tie since I met him three and a half years ago. It’s tired but meaningful and happened to bring our looks together. His jacket is half lined specifically for warm weather and his suit is light weight fabric, exceptional for 365 d/year.


Suit: Loro Piana – Knot Standard

For The Story

“My favorite part about jewelry is the story behind it.” When Bri Turkel shared this with me over wine and a breathtaking San Francisco view, I knew the two of us would be collaborating on a darlingd.ear piece sooner than later. “There are so many pieces of jewelry I wear that belonged to my grandmother. I think about passing it on.” Bri’s reflections on her family heirlooms had me musing.

When I first started designing jewelry, I had two very significant muses: The Southwest and the ocean. But, I soon realized that my pieces dont wear themselves. The warm bodies that take a piece from beauty to story are what darlingd.ear is all about.

It is for this reason that I adore custom work.

Knowing why a woman wears jewelry and what it means to her is paramount.

Here is Bri’s darlingd.ear wrap, start to finish:





As we said our goodbyes, Bri said something special, “The experience of having you choose materials with me, noticing all the small details that go into the wrap I now wear, it’s like fate.”

That’s right. That wrap was meant for you Bri.

….and she does one helluva job rocking it.

They are pretty bright

I stretch my fingers

to meet the cascade of

purple fog.


Round, wetness

hits the surface of my skin and scatters.


Stepping onto this dry ground with very clear intentions, I wipe my brow,

and welcome the rage.


Missing the point, you will only begin to realize

what this means

many days from now.

I am too busy dancing to feel sorry for you.