All the best ones are

Mary Lou,

I conjure up an image of the three of you, Hawaii bronzed, and laughing. Surrounded by waves…and this memory glitters against the landscape of my mind. Our greatest relationships give us images we keep, and sometimes share, for that perfect moment. And it’s a gift we pass on in honoring you, in honoring friendship.



They are pretty bright

I stretch my fingers

to meet the cascade of

purple fog.


Round, wetness

hits the surface of my skin and scatters.


Stepping onto this dry ground with very clear intentions, I wipe my brow,

and welcome the rage.


Missing the point, you will only begin to realize

what this means

many days from now.

I am too busy dancing to feel sorry for you.

A Small Part

….Many summers later I’d learn to love

the shadows illumination creates.


But experience always occurs too late

to undo what’s been done. The hint

of moon above an unpredictable sea,


and that young man, that poor me,

staring ahead– everything is as it was.

And of course has been changed.

I got over it. I’ve never been the same.          –Stephen Dunn

Cris de Coeur

I believe in courage,
will and intrepidity – fearlessness in the face of non-being.

Derived from coeur meaning heart,
courage is derived from love.

A pull that tells me;
“where you are headed you have been before.”
First only a shadow,

dreams, being the unexamined life you choose to experience (but I’m not the only one)
but what a world I can dream!

And on a Sunday
love can just be there
with no hurry
no worry
no rush.

That’s why you’ll always be my favorite thing
on a Sunday afternoon.


I am curious; I am captivated by the beauty of a pattern. It is an emotional need to understand the pieces of any puzzle. See it is the pattern, the language, of any object that truly captures the expression of itself as melody.

If you spend time focusing your attention on any one thing long enough to take in the song, you will find beauty there, even if only learning a simple lesson: let it go.